Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Shots

After holding my second solo show of prints in Chandigarh in 2007, I had virtually stopped entering my images in local exhibitions or contests. It was because of some reasons which I shall write later. But  in the year 2011, I had an opportunity to once again participate  in a local  group show, but I dropped the idea for some personal reasons. When the similar opportunity came in 2012 , I availed of it and six of my prints were exhibited in this exhibition entitled as ‘Random Shots’. In all there were nine members including some freshers and photo-enthusiasts.
For ‘Random Shots’ I preferred pictorial images,  both B&W and coloured. One of these was based on an in-camera technique. Contrary to my favourite images of Human Interest or Photojournalism, I  had opted for pictorial images because I wanted to share what I am trying to learn these days. Secondly, I had heard some strange comments from one of those who perhaps had have little knowledge of photojournalism. Once he had sarcastically said, “ What is in photojournalism images, we make them while walking on roads”. To some extent, he did speak truth, but little did he know what is required to capture a PJ image with the same speed with which the shutter is released.
I am grateful to my critics. Their comments have always made me to explore more and learn as much as I can so that I may prove them wrong.