Friday, August 22, 2008

Links to my published write-ups

The following are the titles and links to some of my published works:

1- Solar Eclipse- Opportunity for Images of Human Interest (PSA Journal, June 2010)
2- A date with his Holiness Dalai Lama (PSA Journal, September 2008)
3-A Glimpse into the Darkness of Life (PSA Journal, July 2007)
4-Search for “Off-beat” Subjects (PSA Journal, March 2007)
5-Photojournalism Today (Better Photography, October 2006)
6.International Lavi Fair: A Photographic Opportunity (PSA Journal Sept 2006)
7. Photography Making Travel by Train Fun (PSA Journal, Jan 2005)
8. Gujarat Earthquake (PSA Journal July 2002, Special PJ Issue)
9. On Painting Roads (The Tribune, July 12, 2002)
10. Photography Without Sunshine (The Tribune January 5,2001)
11. The Joy of Photojournalism (The Tribune, September 22, 2000)
12. Share The Fun of Photography (The Tribune, October 29,1999)
13. Photojournalism

Reports on my Solo ExhibitionsI had my first solo exhibition entitled as “Us Kleidoscope”
and second solo show entitled as “In Passing”

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