Friday, October 7, 2011


An exhibition of photographs by two photo artists of Ludhiana in Punjab State, began today at the exhibition hall of Punjab Lalt Kala Academi in Chandigarh. It will continue up to October 10,2011.They are namely Ranjodh Singh and TPS Sandhu. Perhaps it’s the first time that I have seen their images in an exhibition.

Entitled as DRISHTIKON, they have termed it as an exhibition on Nature, but while going around the exhibition, I saw even those prints which do not fall under the ambit of this category. The good aspect of the exhibition is the huge size of prints, having maximum longer side of 44 inches. But the prints have high level of saturation of colours and these are a bit dark too thus suppressing some details in images. However, this might be an individual’s choice. Personal liking and disliking do matter, but when we make our exhibits public, it’s better to share these with widely prescribed norms. After seeing this exhibition, one realizes how much we learn by participation in exhibitions organized by prominent organizations.

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