Friday, October 21, 2011

Invitations missed

During this year I have missed two important events concerning photography because of some unavoidable circumstances.

It was in July 2011 that I received a written communication from Mr Wimal Amaratunge, Executive Director of the National Association of Photographers – Sri Lanka inviting me to join the celebrations of the World Photography Day with them. They had been organizing World Photography Day for the last five years. They had offered return air fare and three nights stay in Colombo. I appreciate their gesture, but somehow I could not make it.

The second invitation is from my friend Mr T.S.Reddy, but I have already conveyed my inability to join him in the last week of December 2011.

His organisation is holding a mega event from December 22 to 25 in Andhra Pradesh. There will be a journey by boat from Rajahmundry to Khammam and a work shop.He has cosen me as one of the faculty members in this work shop. He has offered 2nd class rail tickets up and down and has written, “we will take care as a flower from step down to send off this place”. I know him very well and have no words to thank and appreciate his courtesy.

I am also expected to show my works as slide show and deliver guide lines concerning my field of interest to capturing better photos in future. He has also written that I should bring along 10 of my best pictures in the size of 12x15 for the exhibition.

But I am unable to make it during these dates as I have to perform a religious ritual concerning my dear aunt who has left for her heavenly abode in January this year.

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